Medical caster wheel manufacturer supplier

Medical caster wheels are mainly for medical equipment and hospital furnitures. For many years develop many types of medical grade caster wheels.Medical casters with metal bracket and plastic cover ,include 75mm,100mm and 125mm,which are popular used for medical trolleies ,Hospital beds. Reliable quality, Competitive price.

Full Nylon House hospital bed casters,this kind of caster adopt nylon fork with high quality TPR wheels,specially for high end medical bed and hospital furnitures,or medical chairs.Rust proof noiseless.

Twin wheels medical casters, double wheels design allow the caster can steering at narrow corner,the wheels match precision mute bearings enable wheels rotation very smooth and noiseless, widely used as medical cart casters,medical cabinet casters…..

Central locking medical casters which are mainly used on high classic hospital bed,emergency stretcher and medical chair. For double wheels central locking caster we have 100mm,125mm,150mm, For single wheel central locking casters we have 125mm,150mm and 200mm.

This page only shows the regular caster product, if you cannot find the product you need, or only find a similar product, please contact us directly. We will provide the castor solutions for specific. Just contact us to know more details.